Georgia x Flint Puppies
Born February 5th, 2008

Breeders:  Sherry Wallis
                           Rick & Teresa Witte


4 Girls & 1 Boy

1 day old
February 5th, a few hours old

one week
The boy is on the bottom of picture
One week
(we lost the white girl.)

big girl 4 weeksboy
Girl and boy 4 weeks
lc girl
Long coat girl 4 weeks
little girl
Little red girl 4 weeks

pups 6weeks
puppies at 6 weeks
2 girls on the left and the boy is on the right.

Dos at 7 weeks. She lives with the Salas family.
long coat girl
Long coat girl. 7wks (she has a leaf on her nose.)
She lives with the Nemotos.
lc boy
Long coat boy 8 weeks
He is going to live with the MacCheyenes
Cute little Riley
She is part of the Lastoczy Family.