Lizie x Joe puppies
Born October 20, 2011
4 girls & 2 boys

lizie pups
5 are black and white and a girl is fawn and white.
There should be no long coats since Lizie does not carry the longcoat gene.
They are big beautiful puppies.  The smallest was 1 lb 2 oz and the two biggest were 1 lb 5 oz. at birth.

Both Lizie and Joe are AKC Champions, hips OFAd Good, eyes Cerfd clear, MSU Thyroid Normal and soon to be CHIC registered.
Joe also has his obedience Rally Novice title that he received in 3 shows and he finished his Championship at
9 months old in only 3 weeks of shows.

lizie pups 2
          weeks3 days with josh
Fawn girl is Chloey, Nono is on the bottom 2weeks               3 Days old with Josh
                                                    Madison with one of the girls
Nono 2 weeks

Chloe - now Leeloo lives with Donna Copeland and her family in Houston
Roxy - now Sachi lives with Paige Kilpatrick in Colorado
Nono- now Jonah lives with Scott and Terri Heiser just outside of Houston
Cupid- now Mia lives with Krista George and her family in Houston
John lives in Houston with Belinda Hall
Oreo is staying with us