Revo x Cuervo Puppies
Born June 17, 2006
3 Girls & 2 Boys

revo x cuervo pups 1 day old
One day old.
(the 3 girls are in the middle)

1 week
One week old
3 girls on the left and 2 boys on the right.

collared boysolid boygirl
Collared Boy, Solid Boy, Girl        5 Weeks

Sasha (left) lives with Ashra and Geoffrey in Galveston TX
Boerne (right) lives with the Angers in Houston TX

solid boysolid boy 7weeksgirl 7 weeks
Collared Boy , Solid boy, Girl  7 weeks
The 2 outside pictures I took by myself (camera and stacking)  :o)

Tai and Stephanie
Tai and Stephanie.  He was a little sick from his first car ride, poor guy.
See Tai's site here